Kitchen Renovations

A well-functioning kitchen is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Family and friends always seem to gravitate to the kitchen more than any other room. It is the gathering place for all. Is your kitchen worth talking about? We can help create a great space where memories are made.

Basement Renovations

Whether your basement is unfinished, the result of a DIY project gone wrong, or improperly renovated in the past, Briggs Renovations Inc. can offer basement renovations to fit your needs and budget.

Bathroom Renovations

With our custom bathroom renovations, Briggs Renovations Inc. can create a bathroom from scratch, or replace and reimagine your current bath footprint or layout with fully integrated upgrades. Clean lines, functional spaces, simple style, upgraded fixtures, traditional lighting, increased storage, luxurious finishes… we can do it all.


Bursting at the seams is no fun. You can get your much-needed new space without leaving your current home by going up or expanding out. Briggs Renovations Inc. can take you from dreams and ideas through to the final build phase of the addition process.

Commercial Renovations

Our team of professional and skilled tradespeople work tirelessly to provide our clients with exceptional results, and to make your vision a reality. We provide London commercial renovations to companies on both a large and small scale, and we can adapt our services to meet your specific requirements.

Briggs Renovations Inc.

We are proud to service London, Ontario and Surrounding Area with exceptional craftsmanship in the renovation and construction industries with over twenty years of experience, we provide construction solutions with excellence.


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